How to get free email account from different service providers

Today it is very important to have an email account because it is necessary for various processes we come across on daily basis. In earlier days when everything used to be done offline and on papers, today all those works are being done online which has reduced the consumption of paper and other resources drastically.

While these works are now being done online, it is mandatory to have an email account. For example in earlier days, we used to apply for a job through a written application on a piece of paper but today we have lots of websites and other portal where we can apply for suitable job matching our profile through internet.

Cruz browser for Mac

So now when apply for the job can be done online, you must have email account for correspondence. Because to apply for job at various job portals, you need to register yourself which requires an email address. So by now you have plenty of reasons of  having an email accounts. In this post I will be discussing quite a few free email service providers. Let’s have a look.

Gmail – Gmail is one of one of the biggest company offering free email. To  have free email account at, open this link in any browser and click the button which says  “create account” or “sign up”. When you click the button, a simple form will open which will ask to fill basic information. Complete the form and hit the continue button. You are ready with free email account.

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Hotmail – Either or, both are one and same thing. This free email service is being offered by microsoft for a very long time. People trust hotmail because is part of Microsoft!. Click hotmail Sign up and fill in the basic information to get free email account.

Yahoo – Among those of old free email service providers, Yahoo gets a suitable position. The registration process is very simple and would not take more than 5 minutes. Simple open and complete the sigh up process to get free email account.

Apart from these major service providers, there are plenty of them but they aren’t as secured as above. The other possible option is to go for paid email account being provided by various hosting service providers. Such email will be of your customised domain.

Those who already have account with above company can click on Gmail Sign in, hotmail Sign in, Yahoo sign in buttons to sign in to their accounts using username and the password.


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